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COC 2015 Hike MS





100 percent of goal achieved.


Thank You Hike MS Participants

Thank you for joining the movement by participating in Hike MS. Together we walk to create a world free of MS. Please visit Fundraising Impact to find out how your support changes lives and please do not hesitate to contact us with questions or to speak with us about your fundraising ideas. 
303-698-7470, option 2


Thank You Top Fundraisers

MS Champions

Become a 2015 MS Champion by personally raising more than $11,000 for Hike MS. All champions are invited to the National Leadership Conference for three days of motivation, networking and FUN. Take the challenge, become an MS Champion this year.

If not you, WHO?

Colorado, Keystone - Hike MS 2015
Top Fundraisers & Top Teams

Our current fundraising total is $109,842.19. Thank You!

Number of Teams - 55

Number of Donations - 1,382

Keystone Hike MS - July 25
Prize Deadline - August 30
Fundraising Deadline - Sept. 30


Top 10 Fundraisers


Top 10 Teams


Live Events

Please check back as events are added regularly!