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Forming or joining a team is a great way to experience Hike MS! The camaraderie and support you'll feel from the rest of your team is like no other. By forming a team during the registration process, you will become the designated team captain and will be in charge of rallying the troops for the big day.

Team Captain Checklist:

  1. Just Begin!
    Register first in order to create the team.
  2. Enlist your friends and family
    Recruit three more people to the team. They can register by clicking "Join a Team" and searching for the team name. Or, you (the team captain) can email one of the Suggested Messages from your Participant Center and the new team members can register through a link provided.
  3. Communicate
    Forward along to your team members any pertinent information that you get from the National MS Society regarding team/fundraising contests, Hike Day details, and your team ranking.
  4. Be a cheerleader!
    Once team members have begun registering, send out emails to the team, welcoming new members, congratulating people who reach certain fundraising milestones, and even create fundraising competitions for your team members.
  5. Plan and share Hike Day details
    Are you meeting somewhere special? Are you wearing team t-shirts or coordinated outfits? Send the details to the team so that your team members feel included and so that everyone can have as much fun as possible on Hike Day!

What is an Official Team?

An Official Team is any team that has four or more registered team members. The benefits of being an Official Team include being eligible for a tent in Team Village as well as being eligible for a Team Award. Congratulations to our 2014 Team Award winners!

You are more than welcome to have an unofficial team of less than four registered team members, but we highly encourage you to find a few more people to join you. The more, the merrier... right?

Team captains serve as "inspirational leaders" for their team members. People raise more money together than they do alone.

How do you fundraise on a team?

As a team member (or team captain) you can fundraise like everyone else. Instead of your fundraising going directly to the overall team, we funnel it there through you first.

So, when you turn in a check or receive a donation online, you get the individual credit for it and your team also receives credit for it. This allows you to qualify for the individual clubs and the team awards.

Contact Us

If you have questions or need further information, please contact Katie Miller at 303-698-5439 or

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