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Hike MS FAQs


The latest updates and answers to your top questions, all in one place.


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Event Details FAQs

How long is the Hike?

There are plenty of route options ranging from 2 to 10 miles. Some routes offer the option of riding the gondola up and hiking down or hiking up and riding the gondola down.

Can children participate?

Yes! There are shorter routes perfect for families; young children and toddlers may be more comfortable riding in a backpack carrier. The hiking trails are not stroller/wagon accessible except for the paved two mile route option.

Are pets allowed?

Well-behaved, leashed dogs are welcome; owners are expected to pick up after their pets.

Should we just come for the day or plan to stay overnight?

Keystone Resort offers a wide variety of summertime activities, so we encourage you to make a weekend of it. Keystone Resort and Summit Cove offer lodging options.

Is there a registration fee to participate?

There is a registration fee. Please view the fee schedule on the Event Details Page There is also a $50 fundraising minimum to participate in Hike MS. 

There is a $25 registration fee for children age 5-12 with a $25 fundraising minimum.Children under five can participate with no registration fee and no fundraising minimum.

If you are a member of the Hike MS Founders' Club or 2016 Top 10 Club and need your free registration code, please email us or call 303-698-7470, option 2. 

Are the hiking routes handicapped accessible? 

The hiking trails are not accessible to people with mobility issues or those using wheelchairs. However, the 2-mile route at the bottom of the mountain and base camp areas are accessible.

What will I see along the Hike routes?

Summertime at Keystone Resort means you'll see wildflowers and pass by babbling brooks; you may catch a glimpse of marmots, deer, birds or other wildlife. View photos of past Hike MS events on our Flickr page.

What time does the Hike start?

Registration, breakfast and activities start at 7 am, the program starts at 8 am and the course opens at 8:15 am for the longer route options. The course will open at 9: 00 am for the short route option.

How long is the Hike?

There are plenty of route options ranging from 2 to 12 miles. Some routes offer the option of riding the gondola up and hiking down or hiking up and riding the gondola down.

Each route will have route marshals, rest stops with portable toilets, and medical support.

What should I bring with me?

Please visit our Safety and Training page for more information on how to best prepare for this event.

Where do I pick up my packet?

Packets (including hiker bibs, wristbands, trail map and event schedule) and event T-shirts will be distributed on Hike Day and the Friday afternoon prior to the event.

Donations FAQs

Where does the money go?

The money you raise for Hike MS funds programs, services and research aimed at making life better for the more than 100,000 people in Colorado and Wyoming whose lives are affected by MS. Learn more.

How much money should I raise?

Participants are required to make a fundraising commitment of at least $50, though more is always welcome.

What is the deadline for mailing donations to meet my minimum requirement?

The last day to mail in donations and have them count toward the $50 minimum is July 15. After this date, if you have not yet reached your minimum, please bring any donations with you when you pick up your packet. If you have met your minimum, you may mail in any additional donations you receive.

What if I don't reach my fundraising goal by the Hike?

The fundraising minimum of $50 ($25 for children 12 and under) must be met by event weekend in order to participate. If you reach your goal, aim higher! The final fundraising deadline for Hike MS is September 30, 2017 so there is plenty of time to set new goals and works towards prizes and fundraising clubs!

What if my donors need a receipt?

Everyone who make an online donation will receive an e-mail confirmation receipt for tax purposes. People who send checks of $250 or more to the office will receive a thank you letter and receipt by mail. If you have a cash donor who needs a receipt, download it here.
In addition to a letter or receipt, the IRS will accept the following as proof of a charitable donation: a canceled check, bank or credit union statement, or a credit card statement.

What if a donor wrote a check out to the team or my name?

If you receive a check payable to your team, just write "NMSS" above. If it's made out to you, please endorse the check payable to the National MS Society.

What if I don't reach my fundraising goal by the Hike?

Then keep going! You have until September 30, 2017 to turn in donations.

When do I receive my prize?

A prize redemption certificate with instructions will be mailed following the September 30 deadline to all participants who raise more than $250.

Can I donate my prize back to the National MS Society?

Yes, you can donate your prize back to the National MS Society by becoming a member of the Mission First Club.

My fundraising total in my Participant Center doesn't match what I know I turned in.

We may experience a 3-4 week delay entering donations during peak event times (April-June). Your total may be inflated if you entered donations as offline gifts; please go to the "My Progress" section and delete the "Unconfirmed" versions of duplicate gifts.

I turned in my donations at the event but I don't see them in my Participant Center total yet.

It may take as long as four weeks for all of your donations to be credited to your Participant Center. If you'd like to see your donations right away, please ask your supporters to donate online or mail your donations before the event weekend.

Where do I mail my donations?

Checks (made out to the National MS Society) may be mailed directly to our office:
National MS Society
Attn: Hike MS
900 South Broadway, Suite 250
Denver, CO 80209

My Participant Center FAQs

I forgot my Username and Password.

Remember that your username and password are case sensitive. Click here to request your password.

How do I change my Username and/or Password?

First, login to your Participant Center using your username and password. Once logged in you will see a link at the top of the page called "Update My Profile." Once in your profile, you will be able to change your contact information, email address, username and password. All changes will be made to your account immediately.

I hiked last year, but my saved information does not show in this year's account.

You must register using your same username/password and email from last year to see your saved information. If you think you registered with a new username/password or email this year, let us know and we'll fix it for you.

What is a Personal Page?

A personal page is an online promotional tool to use when asking your friends and family to join your team or to make a donation. Once you sign up for an event online you will have a default personal page created for you. You can personalize this page by logging in to access your Participant Center.

I have a personal page; do I have to change it?

A compelling personal page attracts and engages supporters and is your own creative expression of your commitment to create a world free of MS. Customize your page by selecting the layout and style that works best for you.

What is the difference between making my personal page private or public?

By default, a personal page is public, meaning your name will appear in the participant search list, and anyone accessing the site will be able to support you. Setting your personal page to private means your name will not appear in the participant search list and only people you personally invite will be able to support you.

How do I unsubscribe from email?

Towards the bottom of each email message is a link to opt out of email communications. Be careful - if you decide to opt out you won't receive any email from us other than receipts for gifts.

How can I see who’s donated to me?

Log in to your account and click the Progress link in the navigation menu; this will allow you to view your donor list and any donations.

How do I change my personal fundraising goal?

First, you will need to log in to your Participant Center. Click on the change link next to your goal in your Participant Center.

How do I change my team name or team goal?

Only the team captain has the ability to change the team name and goal by logging in to My Account and clicking the Team link in the navigation menu.

What is a team message?

This is a special message of encouragement each team member will see when s/he logs in. As team captain, simply log in to My Account and click the "Update Message to Team" button.


Live Events

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